Spring Membership Share


Spring Membership Share


Each season we have a number of 'membership shares' available - this Spring there are 20 full shares and 10 half shares up for grabs. Online purchase of full shares costs £75 and you’ll be able to collect your products at our 'Start of Summer Celebration' in late May, date tbc. 

Here's what you are likely to get in the full Spring share:

  • A medicinal sipping vinegar
  • Spring tonic tea blend
  • A luxurious and hard working balm
  • A spring flower bath soak
  • A herbal massage oil
  • Surprise product!

Your support, in buying a share upfront, will help keep us open, enable us to develop the medicine garden, buy quality ingredients and give us time to nurture, gather, and prepare unique artisan products for you.

In the future, the majority of the plants we use will be grown in the garden. Where we can’t grow something or it doesn’t make sense to, we always use sustainable wild gathering practices. We go to great lengths to use organic, fair trade, packaging free, and small scale produced ingredients in Forest and Folk products. We want to help create sustainable supply chains and give you a really special product!

Please note:

1. Some of our products contain beeswax and are therefore not suitable for vegans.

2. If you purchase a share you must be able to collect it from us on or after the 'Start of Summer' celebration.

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