Introductory offer - Summer box #1

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Introductory offer - Summer box #1


Put your feet up and fall asleep among the flowers...for a couple of hours, on a beautiful day.

Now June is here we can take a little time to stop, take in the abundant floral display around us and breathe in the sweet scent of summer.

Our very first seasonal herbal box from our project is now available! 

Each handmade box contains:

1 x Sleep tea (approx 70g)

1x Minty Magnesium Foot scrub (150ml)

1 x Dandelion Dancing Feet Salve (120ml)

1 x Bug Away Balm (15ml)

Our sleep tea is full of delicious lime blossom, perfectly capturing warm summer days when dozing under a tree is the order of the day. It is said that whoever falls asleep under a lime tree will be carried off to fairyland. Yes please! Combined with four other soothing nervine herbs; passionflower, chamomile, lavender and lemon verbena, drink this tea any time you need gently easing towards sleep. It won’t leave you feeling groggy in the morning and tastes amazing.

Most people know I’m a huge fan of the topical application of magnesium to improve skin texture so I decided to make this foot scrub to be used alongside the dandelion salve to give your feet a complete treat. It has a lovely texture and peppermint scent, stays really usable for ages - unlike some scrubs which can dry out and be really tricky to apply. The magnesium will help exfoliate, moisturise AND gently boost your mag levels - a 3 for 1!

After you’ve scrubbed, apply lashings of this buttery dandelion salve to your feet. Dandelion flowers have cleansing and nutritive properties for fatigued and aching feet. Gathered from an organic farm and made with organic oils, this salve will save your feet from sandal scandal this summer.

And finally, while you’re chillin’, under that tree, use our bug away balm to make sure you don’t get munched on. This balm contains elder leaf to repel insects and lots of soothing plantain to calm any itches and reduce redness. Travel sized protection, completely natural and we think it completes this box perfectly.

An exclusive 11 boxes are available at £25 each for introductory offer. Your support will be helping us realise our aims of setting up a local medicine garden and studio where we can produce plant medicine, teach workshops and develop accessible and sustainable models of healthcare. Click here for more on our vision and aims for community supported herbalism.

All these items are safe and gentle for home use.

Our salve and balm contains beeswax so not suitable for vegans, sorry. We are working on an alternative.

Please note: display box not included. Tea comes in both brown paper bags and eco-cellophane wrappers. 

A note on our sourcing

Ethical sourcing is super important to us. When we can’t organically grow or sustainable wild harvest the plants in our products we buy only from small, trusted suppliers who we are sure have impeccable credentials. Often we will visit them to see for ourselves how they operate.

Part of the CSH model is about raising capital in such a way that allows us to make good sourcing choices and to fund more growing and making space locally. We will be writing more about this soon but in the meantime, if you have any questions, please do ask us!


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